Are PRs without data skills set to be left behind?

I doubt anyone imagines that a PR professional lacking skills with words is going to find their career anything but challenging.

But what about numbers?

I’ve been stressing for years that PRs need to embrace their numerate side. It’s not just me. The Global Communications Report 2016, launched at the World PR Forum in Toronto, is just the latest to identify the increasing use of data as a driver of change.

But while the future may see a specialist data analyst be embedded in your team, will you understand what they find?

Will you be comfortable – and, more importantly, competent – in presenting the numbers to the Board?

Could you explain a confidence interval? Or decide which average to use and why – arithmetic mean, or the median, or the mode? How about calculating a percentage with confidence?

And, could you turn your numbers into compelling messages that sway opinions and influence behaviours among your audiences, publics and consumers?

As the Global Communications Report puts it: “writing… might be considered a ‘price of admission’ ability for a communications department”.

In years to come, lack of data skills may not see you refused entry to the profession. But it’ll be those who can handle the numbers who’ll get into the VIP lounge.

If you need to…

● make sense of the numbers, data and statistics you work with daily

● have greater impact with the data you collect and the surveys you commission

● develop confidence talking and writing about the numbers that matter

… I can help with training and consultancy.

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