The not-quite-debate – who won the fact check battle?

We’ve had the first skirmishes of the General Election – and there’s no clear winner or loser.

I’m not talking about Cameron or Miliband but the factcheckers who real-time checked each statistical utterance in tonight’s interviews with Jeremy Paxman and audience question and answer sessions.

These are the organisations getting involved that I spotted in my Twitter feed:

As I saw it, they were all doing well. Full Fact and FactCheck, in particular, seemed to be going flat out … at one point absolutely neck and neck as this Twitter screengrab shows.


If you’re interested in following up these factchecks then you’ll find them at FactCheck: are you richer or poorer than five years ago and Full Fact: Four factchecks from the budget. It’s interesting to see that even factcheckers – without political battles to fight – can take slightly different approaches.

There are still six weeks till polling day on 7 May 2015. The outcome of the election may be uncertain. What does seem certain, though, is that this is going to be the most factchecked election ever!

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